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Online Career Counselling Sessions

Online career counseling means suggest or give advice online. Online career counseling is not much tougher than face to face counseling. Because you does not have any direct interaction with the person.

SGVU online counseling will help you to identify the career prospect, what’s follow to achieve your ambition in life. Our online counseling session assess your interests, personality, values and skills to help you to explore your career option. Career tests today not only look at job fields, but also spotlight the focus on you, the individual. Explore our career & personality and learn a little something about yourself.

Individual discussion

24x7 free online counselling sessions
Utmost privacy maintained.

Assistance & Career Guidance

About career, job prospect, courses, admissions, soft skills
Provided by experienced counsellors and subject matter experts

Online result

Chat transcript is generated on completion of session
Follow-up through email for further assistance

What are the benefits?

Determine about yourself
Know your strengths and weaknesses in choosing a career path
Explore your career interests according to your personality

Career Match

Our career match gives you instant career recommendations
Find out which career suits you

Online result

Detailed online result is generated after you complete all the tests
Self-explanatory report with career recommendations

What is the Career Test?

This Career Test is reveals your interests and aptitude along with a list of recommended careers.

Who should take the Career Test?

Any student studying in Class 8 to Class12 can take this test.

Why should I take the test?

Class 8-12 is the time when most students decide on what subjects to study. This will influence the career you have for the next 40 years.

How can I take the test?

Register on www.xyz.com to take the career test. You not required pay anything for the test.

How can a career test help me?

If these tests are taken seriously and honestly, results will help get a clear picture about your abilities and interests. The test will also give your suitable career options in the results sheet.

Can I prepare for the test?

Candidates do not require any prior preparation.

How can I get my results?

Candidates will immediately get a printable result sheet after completion of all the tests.

What do I do if I can't understand my results?

Our career counselors will help you to understand your result.

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