BBA Lateral Entry


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Lateral Entry) 

Introduction :-

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a highly interdisciplinary three years graduate degree program offered by Suresh Gyan Vihar University – Distance Education (SGVU-DE) with which graduates can either launch their professional career or progress to pursue a post-graduation program.
Objective of the Program is to equip our students with the ‘State of Art’ Expertise in their respective fields to compete in the challenging world of today. Our Endeavour is to inculcate a desire for continuous improvement, a sense of healthy competition and sensitivity towards ethical and moral values.

  1. To develop conceptual and analytical skills in all functional areas of Management.
  2. To encourage understanding of the strategic perceptions of the fast changing global scenario.
  3. To develop the ability to understand and apply a multi-dimensional approach to overcome complex business        problems.
  4. To groom the student’s overall personality and improve his communication and oratory skills.
  5. To provide ‘Hands on Training to the student and focus on ‘Learn by Doing’ Approach.
  6. To help the students acquire specific job related skills in their chosen area of specialization.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree program offers students a core of mandatory courses in Computer Applications, Business, Economics, Finance, General Business Law, Management and Marketing. The student then concentrates more deeply in his chosen field of specialization. Students can specialize in Finance, Marketing or Human Resources Management. On successful completion of the program students will acquire adequate knowledge and skills in Business Management, Logical Reasoning, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Foreign language and Computer Applications besides achieving a remarkable improvement in their communication skills and overall personality.

Semester – III

S. No Course Code Paper Credit
1 DBM – 201 Marketing Management 4
2 DBM – 202 Human Resource Management 4
3 DBM – 203 Cost and Management Accounting 4
4 DBM – 204 IT for Managers 4

Semester – IV

S. No Course Code Paper Credit
1 DBM – 205 Business Statistics 4
2 DBM – 206 Production & Operation Management 4
3 DBM – 207 Financial Management 4
4 DBM – 208 Management Information Systems 4

Semester – V

S. No Course Code Paper Credit
1 DBM – 301 Strategic Management 4
2 DBM – 302 Entrepreneurship and Small Scale Business Management 4
3 DBM – 303 Research Methodology 4
4 DBM – 304 Business Law 4
5 DBM – 305 Seminar on Training Report 8

Semester –VI

S. No Course Code Paper Credit
1 DBM – 306 Total Quality Management 4
2 DBM – 307 Advertising & Sales Promotion 4
3 DBM – 308 E-Commerce & E-Business 4
4 DBM – 309 Banking and Insurance Management 4
5 DBM – 310 Project Work and Viva-Voce 8

Duration for Lateral Entry
(in years)
Min. Max.
2 y 4 y

Note:- Completion of the programme requires successful completion of both assignments and the term end examination of each course in the programme.
70% attendance is compulsory in Practical Lab Sessions. However, this condition is not applicable for the time given for assignment implementation.

Eligibility for Lateral Entry Medium of Instruction Age
DBA from Recognized University English No Bar
Program Semester Registration Fee
(in Rs.)
Tuition Fee
(in Rs.)
Examination Fee
(in Rs.)
(in Rs.)
BBA III 450 10000 750 11200
IV   10000 750 10750
V   10000 750 10750
VI   10000 750 10750
Grand Total    43450