Student Information and Support Services

(1) All the information about the Distance learning programmes will be provided on the University website, students can access it as and when required.
(2) Information can also be obtained either by telephonically through our help lines or by personally visiting the study centers and office of the University between working hours.
(3) The concerned Program Coordinator may be contacted for obtaining information about all activities of the University to be conducted from time to time. 
(4) Following support services will be available at Suresh Gyan Vihar University – Distance Education:

(a) Pre admission counseling
(b) Online sale of Prospectus
(c) Attending to student queries including issuing of required documents.
(d) Facilitating scholarships details.
(e) Planning / Organization of induction for newly enrolled students.
(f) Maintenance of student records, student attendance, assignment submission etc.
(g) Providing library facility.
(h) Organizing academic counseling (Theory)
(i) Organization of Seminars / Workshops / Conferences / field visits etc.
(j) Handling of assignments (receipt and return after evaluation)
(k) Coordination of assignment grades.
(l) Conducting Term – end exams
(m) Planning and organization of practical exams where ever prescribed.
(n) Handling of project evaluation and viva – voce where ever prescribed.
(o) Preparation and distribution of counseling schedules.
(p) Playing of audio / video programs.
(q) Arranging tele – conferencing

The Suresh Gyan Vihar University – Distance Education initially will offer the following programmes:-

(1) Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)
(2) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
(3) Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
(4)Master of Business Administration(MBA) with specialization in HR, Marketing,Finance, InformationTechnology (IT), International Business (IB), Retail Management and Operations Management.
(5) Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Suresh Gyan Vihar University - Distance Education will follow credit system. Each course of the Distance Education programme has been assigned some credit. Each credit is equivalent to 30 study hours comprising of all learning activities (i.e. reading the study material, attending counseling session at the centre, working on assignment responses, listening to audio, watching video and teleconferences etc.). Thus a 2 credit course involves total 60 hours of study, 3 credits course involves 90 hours of study and so on. This helps the learners to know the academic effort one has to put in, to successfully complete a particular course.
Completion of any academic programme (Degree or Diploma) requires successful completion of continuous evaluation and the Term – End Examination (TEE) of each course in a program.

Identity Card: - 
For identification purpose, the eligible students will be provided Identity Cards. It is mandatory for the eligible students to carry their Identity Cards during the period of contact hours, during theoretical as well as practical semester end examinations, during visits to University Campus or University owned Study Centres.

In case, the original Identity Card is misplaced or lost, the same may be immediately reported by the concerned student to the respective University owned Study Centres / University Campus. A duplicate Identity Card may be issued by paying a fee of Rs. 250/- through a DD drawn in favor of “SGVUDE” along with an affidavit on Rs.10 Stamp Paper. 

All the students will be enrolled through University Campus / University owned Study Centres through an online process. The University owned Study Centers will provide the students with all the facilities for conduction of contact classes (theoretical as well as practical), online sessions, assignment submission, computer & internet access, library access, etc. and for getting other relevant information.

Transfer between University owned Study Centre: - 
Transfer between University owned Study Centre is permissible. However, the following things should be taken care of:-
(i)   Approval of SGVU-DE Board of Management. 
(ii)  Approval of existing University owned Study Centre by providing a No-Object-Certificate and Centre Transfer       Form. 
(iii) Approval of University owned Study Center in which the student seeks transfer by providing a No-Object-  Certificate. 
(iv) Transfer is permissible only if the course is being conducted at the University owned Study Center in which the student seeks transfer and the concerned student agrees to attend the classes allotted by the University owned Study Centre in which the student seeks transfer.

Change of Contact Details:-
Any change of contact address and numbers should be immediately reported to the concerned University owned Study Centre or SGVU-DE campus and a fee of Rs. 100/- through a DD drawn in favor of “SGVU Distance Education” has to be deposited as per the norms of the University along with Contact Address and Number Change Form.