Evaluation Process

Evaluation of performance of Distance learners is very important and sensitive matter because they are far away from the teachers and get very little opportunity to interact with them face to face. The School of Distance Education will follow two-tier system of evaluation to assess the performance of its students as mentioned below:

 (1)        Continuous Evaluation (30% Component):
Continuous evaluation will be based on assignments submitted by the learners. The assignments will be prepared on printed course material supplied to them. No extra reading material will be required for solving the assignments. The assignments may comprise a variety of questions such as essay type, short answer type, objective, problem solving exercises etc. The weightage assigned to this component is 30%.

(2)        Term End Examinations (70% Component):
Term End Examinations will be held twice a year at designated centres and carry 70% weightage. Out of 70 marks in External theory paper, 50 marks will be for questions in Multiple Choice Format and remaining 20 marks will be for Subjective Questions and there would be no negative marking.  The learners will be allowed to appear at these examinations if they fulfill the following criterion:

a. They are enrolled in the University and registered in the program.
b. Submitted required number of assignments on time.
c. Submitted duly filled Examinations form together with prescribed fee on or before the due dates.

(3)        Assessment of practical courses:
Some programs may have practical components also. Practicals will be held at the designated institutions for which schedule will be provided by the School / Study centres. Attendance at practicals will be compulsory. Assessment in practical will be based on the performance during practical sessions (60% component) and examination conducted by external examiner on the last day of practical session (40% component).

(4)        Projects & Viva – Voce:
The final semester of each program is devoted to project work report / dissertation. The following will be the procedure to be followed for this:-

a. The learners will prepare project proposal under the guidance of qualified guide in accordance with guidelines provided by the School / Study Centre and submit bio data of guide together with project proposal upto specified date to the Director of School.
b. The project proposal will be scrutinized by the concerned Program Coordinator, the same will be approved or some guidelines will be issued for improvement within 30 days of submission.
c. After three months of approval of project proposal the student can submit project report in bound form to the Director of School.
d. Viva – voce will be conducted in July / January by Board of Examiners consisting of external examiner and project guide acting as internal examiner.